Nature is Open

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It’s hard not to fall in love with an organisation that promotes walking. For SPOR — a platform for organising walking paths — we have built a brand with the intention of encouraging people to get out and walk. The point is that there is so many beautiful walks in nature if you allow the public to cross private property.

SPOR needed a communication strategy and visual design to support cooperation and a sense of ownership for all involved partners, and present SPOR to the general public in a strong, easily identifiable and inviting manner.

SPOR – Danish for trails – is a great initiative launched and organised by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and supported by the Nordea Foundation amongst others. SPOR brings together farmers, landowners, nature conservation- and outdoor organisations in a collaborative effort to make walking trails across the Danish countryside accessible to everyone. The trails cut across private farmlands to give the walker unique experiences of the Danish landscape and its history.

The visual identity includes a logo inspired by sportsbrands – underlining action and a ‘can-do attitude’. And since the identity is used also for creating walking tracks in leaflets and on a dedicated website, a clearly identifiable and user-friendly set of graphics was introduced.