Bean Story

From Bulk to Bean

Client   Bean Story      Year   2019      Deliverables  Strategy  Naming  Visual Identity  Photography   Video

When it comes to coffee, a lot has changed in India in the past decade. In this tea drinking nation, coffee loving Indians and visitors had little choice when it came to securing a decent cup of the dark fluid – let alone a Flat White, Cortado or Americano. As the speciality coffee trend swept the world, a visionary coffee plantation owner in Sakleshpura had a plan to tap into the  burgeoning coffee trend in India.

STEREO assisted with developing the speciality coffee brand – from naming, strategy, storytelling, design and documentation of the coffee’s journey from bean to barista.

From originally producing green beans in bulk for big coffee traders and manufacturers the company’s ambition was to enter the delicate world of speciality coffee sold in smaller, branded lots to micro roasters directly to consumers. STEREO assisted the company in taking this big leap by developing a business plan and number of scenarios and steps that was needed in this radical business transformation. The steps included how to increase sustainability, and improve conditions for workers at the estates.

Together with ace photographer Ture Andersen, we visited the company’s coffee estates in the Western Ghats of South India, the Bolaven Plateau of Lao and we speciality roasters in Copenhagen. This gave the company ample amounts of visual materials for printed and digital media to support the brand’s promises. After all, seeing is believing.