Copenhagen Metro

More Metro, More Freedom

Client   Metroselskabet      Year   2019      Deliverables  Campaign Concept   Photoshoot

The Copenhagen Metro has positively changed the Danish capital. We love how the driverless trains and stunning stations connect the city in new ways. Yet, building it took forever and to the citizens of the city it was a messy and noisy affair. To keep Copenhageners focused on the benefits of the metro rather than the trouble of the building process, Copenhagen Metro commissioned STEREO to develop communication and to highlight the benefits. Our solution was a campaign centered around ‘More Metro, More Freedom’.

Accompanied by the talented photographer Tuala Hjarnøe we took to the streets and interviewed a cross-section of people. The outcome was an engaging mix of portraits and stories on how safe, fast and efficient transport improves life for students, employees, concert goers and tourists visiting the Danish capital. The campaign was displayed on platforms and building sites around the city, and helped us all keep up the spirit in the last phases of the metro project.