Accelerating Outcomes

Client   Soterius      Year   2021      Deliverables  Brand Strategy   Brand Positioning   Tone of Voice   Visual Identity   Design Guidelines

US and India based Soterius provide global pharma companies with advanced solutions within clinical safety, pharmacovigilance and medical affairs. As part of a full-fledged branding exercise to attract new business in a highly specialised professional field, STEREO worked closely with Soterius to develop a new communication strategy,  tagline, targeted communication and a website backed up by a visual design system. The tagline Accelerating Outcomes stresses that ultimately the beneficiary of a partnership with Soterius is the patient.

For an established company, a change of logo is always a challenge. For designers, working with an existing logo – originally sketched on a paper napkin, can be a challenge. In this case, Soterius founders wanted to keep the organic and real human feel of their hand drawn logo, but were open to adjusting it. All ended up being very happy with the outcome.

The logo’s circular forms became the inspiration for the new visual identity we developed for Soterius came to work as a pattern and ‘fifth element’ for use across various touchpoints: Social media, stationary, conference roll ups, papers & proposals etc., and, of course, on the website STEREO developed.