Buildings for People

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The landscape within Engineering in Denmark is dominated by big players. For OBH, a family-owned company, generational succession became the stepping stone for a new business strategy focusing on specialization. STEREO assisted with strategic advice and a rebranding process, which resulted in a new name, a redefined purpose and core story, a visual identity, and a new communication strategy.

STEREO drove the rebranding process from initial stakeholder interviews and workshops with the executive management, to involving all 200 employees in a whole-day workshop. Once the narrative was in place we continued developing the visual identity and rolled out the design and communication in the corporate offices as well as in short videos for internal communication.

The new tagline ‘Buildings for People’ expressed the redefined purpose of the company and became a guiding star for the change process. With an organisation divided between two very different areas of business, Consulting and Service, the narrative was helpful in making people see themselves as one organisation with a common purpose.

To make the new purpose come to life, STEREO created a series of customer stories in cooperation with photographer Ture Andersen. The stories bring to life how OBH makes an impact by delivering ‘Buildings for People’.