Roskilde University

The University of the Real World

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Roskilde University – RUC – was established in 1972 and a has been a pioneer among progressive universities, and inspired people to become problem solvers in their respective careers. But the university wasn’t being acknowledged in the general public, but rather seen as backward looking and slightly hippieish. During the last 6 years STEREO has developed the campaign The University of the Real World to counter this perception.

The purpose of the campaign was to highlight all the urgent agendas that researchers, teachers and students are working with to show that RUC is the place for people who dream of making a difference. Information on what to study is too often centered around technicalities, a specific programme or becoming a master of this or that – not about the impact you can make.

At STEREO we believe that the best approach to finding your way in the educational system is by thinking long and hard about what kind of problems you want to solve and then choosing a programme that enables you to do this. A branding exercise often tries to create one voice across platforms, but for RUC we have created a diverse choir of voices to celebrate all the urgent and sometimes quirky agendas that make the university so special. Luckily an increasing number of students see it the same way.

Imagine any progressive and innovative company and their ways of working will be similar to Roskilde University: Interdisciplinary approach, project based and problem-oriented focus, and of course entirely organised around team work. That’s how you work if you want to solve problems and make a true difference.

Apart from external campaigning, we emulated the messages internally to capture – and remind – students and employees of the mindset behind teamwork and project-based learning.