Crafting Perfection

Client   Soundarya      Year   2021      Deliverables  Brand Strategy   Brand Positioning   Tagline   Visual Identity   Design Guidelines   Brochures

Deep rooted Indian craftsmanship drives the people behind Soundarya Interiors. At their fabulous workshops near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India, the world’s finest raw materials are turned into exquisite wooden interiors for private residences, office spaces and India’s finest hotels by a talented pool of skilled carpenters and wood workers. Since 1992, when they stated operations, the founders of Soundarya have been focussing on perfecting their craft and building up their capabilities. New clients came through word of mouth recommendations, and old ones came back for more. Soundarya came to STEREO with an ambition to reach a wider audience and client pool with a revitalised corporate narrative and visual identity.

To get started, we visited the workshops and through a series of exercises with the founders and management team, we arrived at the direction for a new communicative strategy, brand narrative and design system. As the activities at the workshops are incredibly appealing to watch, we came back for another visit – this time accompanied by the brilliant photographer Ali Monis Naqvi. Over three days at the facilities he was able to beautifully capture and document the processes and the skills of the dedicated teams doing their Soundarya magic.

Once we had the design directions in place, STEREO visited the workshop together with brilliant photographer Ali Monis Naqvi to capture and document the processes and daily workings of the dedicated teams at Soundarya.

We changed the brand positioning of Soundarya from being a company that delivers, to a company that is a partner. This meant that the target audience is as much designers and architects as it is developers and hotel owners. While the latter might be the end-buyers, architects can be seen as influencers – as someone knowing about the quality of the woodwork will enable to push end-customers in the direction of Soundarya.

Inspired by his images, STEREO’s design team got to work. Soundarya’s new logo takes its cues from the raw wood, and the craftsmanship inspired shapes from the world of intricate carpentry that work as a fifth element in the Soundarya design system.

With the revitalised narrative and design system in place, we were able to position Soundarya as a contracting partner for all wooden interiors, and to target a wide audience of interior influencers, designers and architects, as well as hotel owners and builders.