Crescent University

CU in Chennai

Client   Crescent University      Year   2017      Deliverables  Brand Strategy & Positioning   Tone of Voice   Visual Identity   Design Guidelines

Since the 1980s, Crescent has gained a strong position as a reputed engineering college South of Chennai. Since Crescent had faculties for much more than engineering – architecture, life sciences, law and more – plans were made to transform the institution from college to university status. After numerous interviews and workshops STEREO identified the unique USPs offered by Crescent University – and created a strong brand and visual identity to support the revised positioning.

With a strong track record of working with project-based learning institutions – among others Roskilde University and Chaman Bhartiya School – STEREO started out by getting a deep understanding of the private educational market in India, and the dreams and ambitions of young prospective students and their parents.

We maintaining the basic features of the logo such as the colours, the crescent, the stars and the waves. But in order to give it a modern look, increase legibility and enable problem-free printing our designers simplified this important symbol of the Crescent institution.

With inspiration from great educational institutions like IIT, MIT and LSE, STEREO created a short form of Crescent University – CU – a sort of nickname. Apart from being a general and useful abbreviation, CU has potential to work in communication on more broad terms. How about ‘CU at work’, ‘CU in the world’ and ‘CU problem solvers’ – all tongue-in-cheek campaign options supporting the revitalised positioning of Crescent as a project based institution.

Do you C what we mean?

The work for Crescent University included interviews and photo sessions with students, professors and parents – all done with excellent photographer and multitasker Claus Præger-Jensen. The result was real-life, authentic and relatable brand ambassador portraits for Crescent.