Roskilde Municipality

Designing a friendly and diverse authority

Client   Roskilde Municipality      Year   2020      Deliverables  Brand Strategy   Brand Positioning   Tone of Voice   Visual Identity   Design Guidelines

Roskilde, one of Denmark’s oldest cities, wanted to communicate its culture and values in a more contemporary manner. The city is known for hosting Northern Europe’s most significant progressive music festival and for its famous, UNESCO-listed Gothic Cathedral. The city wanted to express both its historical heritage and forward-looking culture. The task for STEREO was to revitalise the visual identity where the historical coat of arms was modernised and combined with playful and easy-to-use templates for making various types of visual communication.

Dating back to 1386 Roskilde’s Coat of Arms have distinct features, that STEREO incorporated in the redesign when we updated and modernised it. The base is an Eagle, symbol of power and might, a city wall, water symbolises the proximity to water, Roskilde Fjord, and the three roses is most likely a reference to Christianity and Trinity.

Creating a friendly and trustworthy voice across touch points is a huge task for any authority. Designing templates that can be used across divisions is part of the solution.