TUESDAY 16.15:28 UTC

How do you decide what to study? How do you know what’s right for you? The new recruitment campaign for Roskilde University suggests you start by asking yourself which agendas are the most urgent. What do you want to improve? The climate, cyber security, AI or migration? STEREO have developed a campaign exemplifies what you can actually do with an interdisciplinary university degree – highlighting some of the programmes that could be relevant for you. Roskilde University welcomes everyone interested in solving real-world problems. We think that’s a great and admirable role for a university to play.

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MONDAY 15.32:55 UTC

Stereo Associates have an opening for a graphic design intern, to join our Copenhagen team over the next 3-6 months. Preferably with a starting date asap.

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Next year Copenhagen will finally see the opening of their very own circle line, a project some of us have been involved with many times in the last 8 years. The metro has so far been limited to the two lines running east and west, but with the circle line it will be very simple to travel between all the main hubs of the city, leaving you with more time to find matching socks in the morning and perhaps start that evening yoga class once and for all.

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We have a fresh addition to our Copenhagen office. Krishna Arcot joined us from Chennai last week and will be around to help us for three months. Let’s see what she has to say about herself.

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1 ON 1 12
TUESDAY 09.10:07 UTC

We would like to invite our dear clients, colleagues and friends to celebrate the fact that STEREO is turning 1 on December 1st. And best of all, it’s a Friday. We would love for you to stop by after work for a glass of beer or wine, and see our new office in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. We moved in in September and we are still in love.

Turn up early to dig into the snacks and drinks and experience the Jazz Explorer Trio in an intimate live set. For those who cannot join until later, we will keep the party going until late, so don’t be shy. Dancing, BYOB and Christmas cheer are all encouraged. If you have trouble finding us, check here.

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FRIDAY 11.15:30 UTC

Our Strategy Director will be speaking at the Cap & Design conference on Identity, in Stockholm on December 12th. This is the second time Camilla Frederiksen has been invited to speak and this year she will be joined by speakers from Trygg-Hansa and our friends at Swedish agency Söderhavet. Camilla’s talk is about “Getting emotional and why it’s good for business” – you can read more about the subject on the conference website. Early bird tickets are still available, have a look, it’s going to be an inspiring afternoon.


A toast to our friends in Bengaluru. Primal – The Bar is opening this Saturday, November 4th. It’s now a full house in Koramangala – with The Smoke Co. serving great meats on the ground floor and a teeming bar a few steps above. Do yourself a favour, and drop by when in town. Congratulations Gautam Krishnankutty and Padmakumar Pillai. Thanks for letting us do branding work, naming and design for you. See you soon!

FRIDAY 12.17:38 UTC

Have you had a cup of coffee made out of beans from Laos? If not, chances are that you might have one soon. Asian coffee is on the rise, and STEREO is currently working with developing a new brand for coffee from India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos. Look forward to sustainable, single origin coffee of the finest, damn good quality.

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Why do we do what we do? That is a question you need to ask yourself once in a while – so we did. In this series, all of us at STEREO will tell you about ten things that inspire us, help us get through the day or inform the way we work with branding. First up is creative director Krister Bladh.

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Education means a lot to the parents of Indian kids. While Indian public sector primary schools are notoriously understaffed, underfunded and underprioritized, the private educational sector is thriving. Take any magazine, any newspaper around admission times and they will be full of advertising for schools, colleges and universities. Our managing director Thomas Sehested is in Goa this week to talk and workshop on the importance of branding and the use of communication in an increasingly competitive world of learning.

Are you coming to  the TAISI Leadership Conference?


We are pleased to finally welcome you to the digital home of STEREO. The idea behind our website is to give you a glimpse into the way we work, illustrated by examples from some of our clients. Most of the showcased work has been done in the last 10 months, since starting the agency. As you can tell, we have been very busy. So let’s take a deep breath and look at where we came from and what we have achieved. Since last year, STEREO has grown and found a permanent home in the Christianshavn area of Copenhagen. We have established ourselves properly in India, with lots of new work coming in.

This section of our site will contain both traditional news on incoming and completed projects, but it will also work as a platform for us to share our views. Of which we have many, and on many different subjects. But we are looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge on branding and communication with you. Or perhaps what we are listening to or watching at the moment. We are also prolific writers, and Views will be our outlet.

We would like to take this moment to say thank you, to our clients, our interns and colleagues for taking us this far. This site has been developed by AAFF, check him out. All studio photography was done at From Studio with Olle Enqvist,

TUESDAY 14.23:00 UTC

Don’t kill the messenger, they used to say. So why kill a logo? The new president of Denmark’s National History Museum, Rane Willerslev, is no fan of the logo designed by e-Types some years ago. STEREO’s managing director was involved with the project back then and answer’s the critique in an article for KForum. Find out what Thomas has to say in defence of the current visual identity of the museum – which is in fact a group of museums here.

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