How do you decide what to study? How do you know what’s right for you? The new recruitment campaign for Roskilde University suggests you start by asking yourself which agendas are the most urgent. What do you want to improve? The climate, cyber security, AI or migration? STEREO have developed a campaign exemplifies what you can actually do with an interdisciplinary university degree – highlighting some of the programmes that could be relevant for you. Roskilde University welcomes everyone interested in solving real-world problems. We think that’s a great and admirable role for a university to play.

The campaign unfolds across printed and social media, with each ad addressing a specific issue. With editorial photography, STEREO has created an experience that feels relevant and tangible today. “Friends or enemies?” captions Trump and Putin discussing hacker attacks. “X Factor or stress factor?” is illustrated by a gym selfie. Is marijuana a medicine or a narcotic? Do violent hurricanes forebode the end of comfort and prosperity, or will they be a catalyst to think new solutions? A teenager’s world may be dominated by having a good time, but in the long run, many are concerned with their future and what it will actually look like. Instead of focusing on all the problems of the world, RUC encourages teenagers to think about solutions.

The future of academic research and study is interdisciplinary. Difficult challenges require joint efforts. That is why the messaging of our new campaign is always two-fold. The answer is never one or the other, but can be arrived at only by seeing the problem from multiple angles.