We are pleased to finally welcome you to the digital home of STEREO. The idea behind our website is to give you a glimpse into the way we work, illustrated by examples from some of our clients. Most of the showcased work has been done in the last 10 months, since starting the agency. As you can tell, we have been very busy. So let’s take a deep breath and look at where we came from and what we have achieved. Since last year, STEREO has grown and found a permanent home in the Christianshavn area of Copenhagen. We have established ourselves properly in India, with lots of new work coming in.

This section of our site will contain both traditional news on incoming and completed projects, but it will also work as a platform for us to share our views. Of which we have many, and on many different subjects. But we are looking forward to sharing some of our knowledge on branding and communication with you. Or perhaps what we are listening to or watching at the moment. We are also prolific writers, and Views will be our outlet.

We would like to take this moment to say thank you, to our clients, our interns and colleagues for taking us this far. This site has been developed by AAFF, check him out. All studio photography was done at From Studio with Olle Enqvist,