Calling all makers. We recently helped Innominds daughter company iSquare launch their latest product – the Kite phone. Kite is a new DIY smartphone kit you can build by yourself with nothing more that a screwdriver. If you happen to have a 3D printer at home, you can also print the casing yourself. Everything is opensource and compatible with current standards, in case you want to add more cameras, a keyboard, a microphone or anything else you could think of.

Kite is the lego version of a smartphone. For the launch of the 2.0 version, we created a Kickstarter video explaining all the advantages of Kite. Shortly after its Kickstarter debut, the DIY smartphone had become one of the the site’s featured projects within tech. Within a week people who wanted a to get their hands on the new high-tech toy had pledged almost $40,000. You can watch the full video here.