Don’t kill the messenger, they used to say. So why kill a logo? The new president of Denmark’s National History Museum, Rane Willerslev, is no fan of the logo designed by e-Types some years ago. STEREO’s managing director was involved with the project back then and answer’s the critique in an article for KForum. Find out what Thomas has to say in defence of the current visual identity of the museum – which is in fact a group of museums here.

For those who cannot read Danish, here is a quote that catches the gist of the article.

“It’s all about what the brand – be it  milk, a car or a museum – has on its mind, what it communicates, expresses and offers in the shape of experiences. And this where the museum’s staff has failed in activating the full visual identity, which consists of so much more that just the logo.”

If you want our opinion on your brand, and the use of your logo, please get in touch with STEREO and we will tell you, quite candidly, what our professional opinion is.

The collage above is from KForum. STEREO will be continuing the discussion with Willerslev in a radio broadcast debate on Radio24syv. Stay tuned.