Have you had a cup of coffee made out of beans from Laos? If not, chances are that you might have one soon. Asian coffee is on the rise, and STEREO is currently working with developing a new brand for coffee from India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos. Look forward to sustainable, single origin coffee of the finest, damn good quality.

We are in India right now for branding workshops, and then the plan is to shoot video and still photography from the lush estates. So what is single origin coffee? If you don’t know yet, you should read Charlie Habegger’s article about. Charlie travels around the world for Blue Bottle, our favourite American microroastery and coffee bar, sourcing unique beans:
“Drinking a single origin sheds light on coffee’s story, revealing the person or farm behind each cup. A far cry from the time of anonymous ground coffee sold in a can, guests can easily discover the place from which their morning coffee comes.”
We look forward to telling you more soon.