In 2017, CORO are organising COconference for the first time, and STEREO are responsible for the naming and visual expression of the event. The social entrepreneurs attending the conference, are met with an eye-catching setting, underpinned by the photography of Kyle Jeffers.

STEREO have also helped shape the profile of the conference, whose first annual theme is “Social innovation for a better tomorrow”. COconference is actually much more than a regular conference, involving the participants in a month long co-creation process. The innovators work in teams to solve seven COchallenges, reflecting real-world issues faced by the partner organisations. These include the Roskilde Festival and Rockwool Group, and they have committed to bring the best ideas to life, in COoperation with the innovators.

Together with AAFF, we have developed the signup site for COconference. All programs, marketing, merchandise and interior decor such as banners and posters have been created by STEREO.