STEREO delivers brand strategy, experience design, corporate communication, change communication and campaigns.

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Managing Director


Camilla knows the need for clarity, purpose and emotional appeal to empower brands. She works across disciplines such as business strategy, brand strategy, communication and organisational development. With a past as partner and Head of Strategy at brand agency e-Types, Camilla has a solid track record of advising clients from a wide spectrum of industries. She holds an MA in Communication and Rhetorics.


Creative Director


Krister works in the intersection of communication and design, crafting meaningful visual concepts. With a background in both design and humanities, he always insists on multidisciplinary approaches and new types of interactions. Krister has a past at e-Types and Kontrapunkt and holds a BA in Art History and a Master of Design. He believes in the potential of design as a language, a language that can create new kinds of meaning that reveal how the world and the people in it operates.


Freelance designer

Rasmus is a graphic designer in love with creating designs that are both communicative and beautiful. As an independent graphic designer, Rasmus has worked for the top agencies in Copenhagen. Rasmus holds an MA in Design from the the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design. We are proud to collaborate with him on all kinds of design projects.


Senior consultant


Thomas is currently director of the Danish Cultural Institute in India and is an expert on modern Indian culture and business. He has over 15 years of experience in the brand and communication space and holds an MA in History.  Thomas’ book on India was reviewed “a must read for business people”.  He loves extracting the full and compelling narrative of a brand, to discover its true potential.


Managing Director, India


Mahesh heads Stereo Associates out of Bengaluru. He handles India business development and the ongoing contact and service for our clients on the subcontinent. With more than 20 years of agency experience, he has worked with practically any industry you can imagine. Mahesh is qualified in Business Administration and Commerce. He is a strong believer in the power of communication and design, but also that strategy comes first.